The Impact of Gender-Based Violence on Stability and Security

Gender based violence (GBV) is being used against women across the world.  Intimidations, including murder, rape and acid thrown in the face are used as weapons of war.  The status of women is an indicative barometer of the stability of a region. This study will examine GBV as a U.S. and global security issue.  It seeks to enhance the understanding and awareness of GBV for operational planning and for dealing with circumstances where the Congolese, African Union, U.S. and its allies must confront violations of international law, including human rights abuses.  As threats from terrorism continue to evolve regional instability in the DRC is a peril to both Africa and the world at large.  The DRC is a mineral and oil rich country of which trade in the former have created a cycle of conflict resulting in an epidemic of GBV.  This project will identify comprehensive strategies to address GBV in order to prepare local women in the DRC and globally as future peace builders. Investing in what is one of the world’s greatest untapped resources, women, is critical not only to conflict resolution but to the progress needed for a 21st century Africa and world.

Accompanying appendix and presentation also available for download.

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Monday, May 23, 2011