White Paper: Health and Economic Benefits of Clean Air Regulations

A literature-based white paper that discusses the range of potential health benefits that could be gained by people of color in the three cities
as a result of proposed EPA regulations. The paper considers the impact on reduced exposures to PM2.5 and ozone pollution, and the potential for reductions in premature deaths due to respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, and lung cancer. There is also an examination of the potential reductions in asthma. One important component of this work is an expanded review of EPA's technical analyses of health benefits that are expected
from regulations, building on existing available data. In addition to summarizing main findings from the EPA analyses, the paper evaluates the extent to which the EPA methodology addresses health benefits from an environmental justice perspective.

Download the companion Research Brief: Three-City Survey of African Americans on EPA Regulations, Climate Change and Health

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Friday, December 16, 2011