Economic Policy

The Joint Center’s economic policy program is led by Economic Policy Director Jessica Fulton. Through our policy incubator, Jessica analyzes various economic issues affecting Black communities. To see our work on economic policy, click here.


Future of Work

The Joint Center’s future of work program is focused on identifying the challenges and opportunities of the changing nature of work for Black communities as our 2017 report found that 27 percent of African Americans are concentrated in 30 occupations at risk to automation. Additionally, our research shows that African Americans are interested in education and training but cite financial constraints as a major barrier. To see our work on the future of work, click here.


Hill Diversity

The Joint Center’s hill diversity work, led by Senior Fellow of Diversity & Inclusion Dr. LaShonda Brenson, is focused on analyzing the staff diversity on the Hill. In our work, we encourage Members of Congress to hire staff that matches the percentage of the U.S. population, analyze racial and ethnic top staff data, and applaud Members who hire diverse staffers. To see our work on hill diversity, click here.


Tech Policy

The Joint Center’s tech policy program analyzes how data privacy, AI, and other tech issues impact Black communities. Through extensive research, we learned that data privacy conversations generally ignore race altogether, and those that do identify priorities for people of color broadly fail to focus on Black communities. By engaging in a program around data privacy and Black communities, the Joint Center hopes to inform thought leaders, stakeholders in corporations, government policymakers at various levels, and advocates with insights on the most effect ways to advance access, opportunity, and privacy interests of Black communities. To see our work on tech policy, click here.