Future of Work

The Joint Center’s future of work program is focused on identifying the challenges and opportunities of the changing nature of work for Black communities. See below for research, analysis, and activities related to the future of work for Black communities.

Joint Center Hosts Roundtable Discussion on Short-Term Job Training for Black Workers

On July 28, the Joint Center held an invitation-only roundtable discussion on short-term job training. The event brought together the expertise of funders, researchers, organizers, and others interested in amplifying opportunities to strengthen training policies so that they do a better job to improve economic mobility for Black workers. Perspectives from participants will contribute to…

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Biden Budget Would Make Key Workforce Investments For Black Communities

On May 28, 2021, President Biden proposed a $6 trillion budget that explicitly names racial equity as a priority. The president’s fiscal year 2022 budget proposal not only specifies structural racism as a justification for various budget items, but it also proposes several key spending boosts critical to advancing Black communities. One way the ambitious…

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Dr. Alex Camardelle Joins Joint Center as Director of Workforce Policy

WASHINGTON – The Joint Center is excited to announce Dr. Alex Camardelle has joined the team as Director of our Workforce Policy Program. Dr. Camardelle will lead the Joint Center’s work in centering Black workers in policy debates concerning the future of work, workforce development, and access to good jobs. “We are excited to have…

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Partnership on AI Releases Agenda on ‘Redesigning AI for Shared Prosperity’

The Partnership on AI released “Redesigning AI for Shared Prosperity: An Agenda,” is a foundational document of the AI and Shared Prosperity Initiative “outlining practical questions stakeholders need to collectively find answers to in order to successfully steer AI toward expanding access to good jobs—and away from eliminating them.” The Joint Center Vice President Jessica…

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Joint Center President Joins AARP’s Panel on ‘Equity, Inclusion, and a New World of Work’ at The Atlantic Festival

Joint Center President Spencer Overton joined AARP’s panel, Equity, Inclusion, and a New World of Work, at the virtual Atlantic Festival. During the discussion, Spencer spoke about digital technologies that are transforming work, increased utilization of autonomous robots, and the significance of digital skills and remote work especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other panelists included…

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