New Report on the State of African American Women


New Report on the State of African American Women

The Black Women’s Roundtable of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation recently released this new report on the state of Black women covering health, education, STEM, economic security, criminal justice, and political participation.

A few key findings:

  • Black girls’ out-of-school suspension rate is 6 times higher than that of white girls.
  • Black girls are 3 times more likely to attend schools that do not offer a full range of college prep courses.
  • Black women are the fastest-growing segment of the women-owned business market, yet trail other women in generating revenue.
  • Black women led all demographic groups in voter turnout in recent elections (including the 2013 Virginia gubernatorial race without President Obama on the ticket), but hold only 3% of state legislative seats and less than 3% of seats in Congress.

Policy recommendations:

  • Targeted jobs creation and high-tech skills training.
  • Update Sections 4 & 5 of the Voting Rights Act.
  • Pass comprehensive Immigration Reform.
  • Increase federal minimum wage to at least $10.10, pass the Healthy Families Act, Paycheck Fairness, Paid Family and Medical Leave, Equal Pay and Minimum wage.
  • Reproductive justice.

Morgan McLeod is the Program Assistant and New Media Strategist at the Joint Center

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