Further to Go: Job Creation in African American Communities

This Issue Brief, one of a series on African American employment that the Joint Center will publish in the coming months, is also Part 1 of a larger Joint Center report entitled, “Building a Healthy Economy: Creating Employment Opportunity and Equity.” This brief examines and analyzes data from the 25 states with substantial African American populations. Subsequent briefs will focus on data from the 18 cities with African American mayors and African American populations over 100,000 and on industries and occupations with significant employment opportunities for African Americans.

Preparing for Legislative Visits

This presentation, given at the RAISE Florida Network 2013 First Quarter Regional Meeting, gives information on organizing meetings and talking points for successful asset-building discussions with state legislators.

Engaging Legislative Champions in Florida

This presentation, given at RAISE Florida Network's 2013 First Quarter Annual Meeting, discusses strategies for identifying and engaging legislators in order to promote an asset-building agenda.

The Impact of the Sequestration on the Health and Well-Being of Communities of Color

Dr. Brian Smedley spoke on the effect a federal government sequestration can and will have on health and other programs that assist a large number of people of color during a Joint Center panel discussion on February 28, 2013.

Developing A State Legislative Strategy for Asset Building: The Case of Florida

A key step in achieving asset-building goals is developing a solid legislative strategy. The Joint Center has collaborated with the RAISE Florida Network to develop a legislative strategy to help achieve the coalition's goals with regard to funding for Individual Development Accounts and fostering sustainable homeownership. To learn more about this strategy, click here to view the full webinar.

Strengthening Social Security...By Modernizing the System

Dr. Wilhelmina Leigh spoke on the whys and hows of Social Security modernization at the National Academy of Social Insurance's 25th Annual Policy Research Conference on January 31, 2013.

More presentations, videos, and other conference materials can be found on the NASI website.