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Initially founded to encourage African American political participation in the wake of the passage of the Voting Rights Act, the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies continues to promote civic and political engagement as the primary route to greater equality and opportunity for people of color. Our 2012 Annual Report explores our latest work on identifying disparities in African American and other communities of color - from health to wealth, unemployment to pollution to digital access - and providing solutions on bridging these gaps.



The challenges facing American society, whether social, political, economic or environmental, are growing increasingly complex, and policy initiatives devised to address them have deep, sometimes unexamined consequences for African Americans and other people of color. The Joint Center is guiding and supporting young leaders in their quest for solutions that unite their idealism with the pragmatic approach to public service needed to effect change in today's polarized political atmosphere. We invite you to examine this 2011 Annual Report to learn how the Joint Center is expanding and strengthening our research capabilities and building on our convening power to better serve communities of color and the nation at large.



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Amid signs of an economic recovery, measured progress on a number of key legislative initiatives and a hard-fought midterm election, the year 2010 was marked by accelerating policy activity across a wide spectrum of issues. Through it all, the Joint Center worked on many levels to inform debates and enhance policy discussions with its contributions of critical research and ideas. "Engagement" has always been a key, operative word at the Joint Center. From its earliest days, when its principal objectives were to equip, encourage and inspire African Americans to fully exercise their hard won rights to fully participate in the nation's civic and political life, the Joint Center has put engagement at the forefront of its agenda. On the pages of this year's Annual Report, you will find that after four decades, the Joint Center not only still believes that to be true, but as an institution it continues to practice what it has long preached.



As the Joint Center celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2010, we reflect on our history and legacy in our 2009 Annual Report with the theme "Research ~ Empowerment ~ Engagement."  The report describes the impact of the Joint Center's work in 2009 among America's most influential policy makers.  Highlighted are our Health Policy Institute's groundbreaking research on persistent racial inequities and their enormous costs, our Media and Technology Institute's leadership and knowledge on the use of broadband technology by people of color, and the strength of our Climate Change Initiative in bringing new voices and concerns into the debate over global warming. Above all, this report is a demonstration of the Joint Center's continuing role as a trusted source of information and leadership on the nation's most critical issues. 

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A PDF version of our 2009 Annual Report, suitable for printing and low-bandwidth browsing.






As a thought leader in many major issues facing our nation, the Joint Center 2008 Annual Report highlights significant accomplishments and advancements in critical policy areas.  This report describes how the Joint Center has shaped its research priorities to reflect the intense interest in housing, poverty, employment, and retirement security fueled by the worst economic crisis since the 1930s.  It details the expansion of the Health Policy Institute, including its work with its Place Matters teams and the promotion of greater knowledge and understanding of the social determinants that affect patterns of health, illness and disparities in health outcomes.  The report looks ahead as the Joint Center begins two new endeavors: an exploration of the media industry and emerging communications technologies for their impact on African Americans and other people of color and an entrance to the swirling debate on climate change on behalf of African Americans who too often are left out of the conversation.  Finally, this report updates the Joint Center's role as a leader in encouraging civic participation, as well as in conveying the political perspectives of African Americans, through its national surveys.